Belle: An online shop for local designer earrings

Make a statement with Belle!


Friends don't let friends leave the house without earrings.


We all have our little (or large) accessory fetishes. Some for shoes. Others for handbags, scarves, necklaces, watches, rings etc.

My obsession is statement earrings. After buying ear-irritating imported cheapies for far too long, I've realised that you really do get what you pay for.

South African jewellery designers are incredibly talented and boast unique, highly upmarket, affordable earrings. I'd rather own a handful of strikingly beautiful, handmade pieces, than have a drawer filled with poor quality, mass-produced stuff.

With Belle, I want to give women who adore statement, bespoke earrings, easy-access to these designers' work.

We are launching with 6 designers, and have several more in the pipeline. The plan is to introduce new designers, and new styles every month, so the site stays as current and fresh as possible.

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Why just earrings?

I have enough earrings." - Said no one ever.

Statement earrings can give an otherwise plain outfit, the pizzazz it needs.

Earrings don't discriminate against weight, length or age. They simply add magic to whatever you've chosen to wear.

Belle is short for "oorbelle" in Afrikaans and means "a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event (the belle of the ball)," in English.

So make a statement, with Belle.