Johan Vosloo

To me, a piece of jewellery is the continuation of the owner’s personality, sentiments, and individuality. It has its own story and makes a statement that creates a lasting impression.

When I design, I need to see through your eyes to see what you see yourself wearing. Hence, I closely observe preferences, lifestyle, hand gestures and facial expressions. It gives me valuable clues to create something functional and pleasing. It gives me immense joy when clients attest that their designs “grew old with them” and they still get compliments when wearing them.

I love working with precious metals, natural materials, and colourful gemstones. My personal preference is to meet my clients in person. However, as everything is online, I adapted my style and have successfully designed custom pieces for clients all over South Africa, Botswana, UK, Australia, Mexico, and Beijing.

I am Johan Vosloo, your personal jeweller!